Napa in Springtime

by | Feb 27, 2018

Springtime is the best time to visit Napa, but only if you like flowers, greenery, mild weather and less crowds! Sure, Fall is harvest time, Summer is vacation time and Winter is red wine time, but Springtime in Napa is the most wonderful of all! We have so many different tours to Napa, but here’s one of our favorite itineraries:

Start out at “the castle” as locals refer to it – Castello di Amorosa. Napa is a bit of a drive from San Jose, so we like to start the day in Napa a little activity at the first stop, and this beautiful re-creation of a 14th century Italian castle is a great place to explore! Dario Sattui (of V. Sattui winery) fell in love with Italian castles during his time in Europe, then hired real European craftsmen to come build this enormous castle, with amazing attention to detail and workmanship – the door hinges and lanterns are hand-forged, walls are plastered in the old style, bricks were handmade – it took more than ten years and you have to see it to believe it! For the wine, we recommend the upgrade to their very nice, single-vineyard wines, which are poured in the wine cellar underneath the castle at the end of the tour. There’s also a large gift shop to explore.

Next, it’s time for lunch – perhaps a nice restaurant lunch in St. Helena. We like Goose and Gander or Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen, just to name a couple. We can also arrange a winery picnic with a view, a trip to the legendary Oakville Grocery, or a wood-fired pizza lunch in the vineyard – lots of choices!

After lunch, we explore one or two more wineries, selected to suit your group’s wine preferences and interests. Perhaps a barrel comparison tasting inside an old Ghost Winery, or a seated tasting with a Sommelier inside an authentic Redwood Cask at a historic local winery. On the drive back to San Jose, we can provide a cheese tasting inside the coach, along with our fun Wine Quiz Game, where the winner gets a bottle of Napa wine!

Napa tours may be scheduled any day of the week (weekdays work best) and we take groups of up to 300+ for our custom Napa tours (we require a group size of at least ten people for any of our tours). Call us to set up your own Napa in Springtime Tour! 408-867-9661

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