Pink Wine in the Summertime!

by | Aug 31, 2017

When it’s hot, who wants a big heavy red? Come on- raise your hands! Okay, didn’t think so.

Which means it’s time to sing our sultry summer song, Pink Wine in the Summertime!

The Santa Cruz Mountains and Santa Clara Valley wineries in our area, definitely caught on to the pink wine craze a while back, and you can find lots of selections at many of our local wineries – most of it is a Rose’ of Pinot Noir, since we live in the Pinot Noir “Chain of Gold”. But the pink wine cravings here the last few years have also created our own version of the Beaujolais Nouveau situation – it’s only available for a short time each year, it’s meant to be consumed asap, and you better get yours before it’s all sold out!

And although most of our local pink is a blush of Pinot Noir – we do have lots of independent-minded winemakers who like to do things their Way, which gives us things like Rose of Sangiovese, Rose of Syrah, Rose of Petite Verdot, and even a sparkling Rose’ of Merlot! Taking the Rose’/pink wine concept one step further, Beauregard Winery in Bonny Doon makes an orange wine.

Here’s some local wineries that still have their blush on:

-Beauregard Winery: They make 4 blush wines: 3 Rose’s and the orange wine from Pinot Gris.
-Alfaro makes a Rose of Pinot Noir and is just $16.50 per bottle.
-Solis Winery in Gilroy makes the Rose’ of Sangiovese – so good!

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