Pinotphiles on Pavement Tour Club

The Santa Cruz Mountains is now considered a world-class producer of Pinot Noir – one of the top regions in the world specializing in this grape varietal. In the last 15 years since our company started, the number of wineries here has doubled, and South Bay Wine Tours has hosted Pinot enthusiasts from all over the country and the world, coming to enjoy the amazing world of Pinot we have right…Here!

We’ve learned a lot, and our own wine tastes have evolved, resulting in a passion and preference for Pinot Noir. Exploring the local region to uncover hidden gems and hosting fellow Pinotphiles is truly a pleasure, and we hope you’ll join the club to come along with us now and again – we look forward to touring with you, and sharing our insider’s perspective on this local Pinot paradise. Our Pinotphiles on Pavement Club is designed with the connoisseur in mind, with our signature touch of fun & informative. You’ll enjoy lots of special treats such as vertical tastings, meeting winemakers, vineyard tours, expert guest hosts, and more – but all levels of wine appreciation are welcome. A little info with that Pinot? Then this is the club for you!

“Pinot Noir is more than just another varietal; it is seductive and ephemeral and attracts a fiercely independent, opinionated breed.”
Lance Cutler, Wine Business Monthly

Submit your enrollment deposit of $75 to join the Pinotphiles on Pavement Wine Touring Club, and we will get back to you with receipt, further information & sign-up form. Your $75 deposit payment will be credited in full toward your first tour. Welcome!

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